Volunteer applications will be open on 1st June 2020. A notice will be sent out when the volunteering positions opens up. All enquiries and applications can be sent to volunteers@deafsports.org.au
Types of volunteers needed:



Customer Information 

Welcome sportspeople & people, answer questions, provide information & directions, check registration/tickets, crowd control, etc. 


Assist with general administration duties, document preparation, correspondence, maintain equipment records, computer use etc. 


Assist with IT and computer operation support. 

Logistics & Operations 

Assist with set up & packing of equipment, distribute kit bags, set up banners & information signs at venues, load & unload supplies from vehicles (some heavy lifting will be required). 


Assist with driving vehicles & shuttle bus – transport VIPs, sportspeople and goods to various venues, supervise vehicle loading at venues. 

Food Delivery 

Assist with delivering meals to volunteers/sports convenors at venues. 

Ticket & Merchandise Sales 

Assist with selling tickets & merchandise, fasten wristbands, provide information to visitors (cash handling skills an advantage). 

Opening/Closing Ceremonies 

Assist with check-in sports people & performers, fasten wristbands, assist with Athletes Parade & performers. 


Assist with taking videos/photos at various sports venues, social events etc. 

Social Events 

Assist with check-in sports people and performers, fasten wristbands, etc. 

Volunteer Check-In 

Assist with check-in volunteers, fasten wristbands, provide programs & festival lanyards, provide sign-in/out sheets. 

Venue/Games Hub/Medal Ceremonies Attendant 

Assist with venue entrance & wristband check on entry into ticketed venues. Notify security of any issues relating to door entry. 


Assist with clearways at venue entries & walkways, assist with presentation of medal ceremonies at various venues. 

Competition Results Collection 

Assist with collecting daily results of all competitions and deliver to Games Hub for documentation. 

Marketing/Public Relations 

Welcome officials, sponsors, VIPs and visiting media. Assist with marketing & distribution of information/competition results. 

Accreditation & Distribution 

Assist with general administration - enter information into computer; uniform processing; issuing of accreditation; enter participant information; answer registration enquiries; and compile results 


Assist with providing communication access 

Errands Messenger 

Assist Official Volunteers where required and do various errands. 

Social Media Champion 

Assist with updating ADG social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) with results, photos, videos, etc. 

Games Hub Attendant 

Same duties as Venue Attendant