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Yes. Follow these instructions:

  1. Click this link – https://austdeafgames.org.au/registration
  2. Personal details
    1. Make sure you keep your email address and password you used for this registration for next time.
  3. Select Registration Package
  4. Sport Entry Registration
    1. Select ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ for Sport competition participation.
    2. If you select ‘Yes’, you will see more detail about sport competition selection.

    3. Select ‘Number of Sport Competition to Register’
      1. For example, you want to play in 3 sports, type in 3.
    4. Type in your name ‘Athlete’s Full Name’.
    5. Select ‘Sport’ and sport events (eg. Basketball – see below).

    6. Select other ‘Sports’ if you wish.

  5. Select ‘Terms and Conditions for Sport Participants’

    Note: This is compulsory to select. They include:

    – If an injury or illness occurs, you agree to medical assistance from the Games team
    – Performance enhancing drugs are banned
    – You accept the risks participating in the Games and indemnify the Games Organisers from any liability should you be injured
    – No assistive hearing devices can be worn during competition
    – You confirm you have a hearing loss greater than 40dB in both ears

  6. Additional Information
    1. We want to learn more about you – select the categories that best fit you.
  7. Terms and Conditions

    Select that you have read the ‘Terms and Conditions’ for all people who have registered.

  8. Payment

    Follow the details for making a credit card payment.

  9. Click Submit

    Your registration has been completed. You will receive an email with all the details of your registration.

    You may return to your registration details if you wish to change any information such as contact details, sport participation, etc.

  10. You will receive a receipt with full information in an email sent to you.
  11. Registration for Sports participation will be available later in 2021. We will notify you when available.
Yes you can email or post your completed registration details to Deaf Sports Australia and make your cheque payable to ‘Deaf Sports Australia’. Or -send a money order Or cash
Yes – you need to do this by 28th February 2022 – a $22 administrative fee will be deducted from the refund.Please note refunds are actioned on a case by case basis.


No – you must pay the Games Registration Fee first before you register for the sports events.

Yes. You must register for team sports before 31 December 2021 and individual sports before 28 February 2022


The sports fee is based on the information from the previous ADG sport fee price; costs to organise the sport event such as ground / court hire fee, umpires, insurance, signage, medals, etc; and discussion with the National Deaf Sport Organisation (eg; Deaf Netball Australia).
Yes – you will need to register and pay for each sport you wish to participate in.


Please read the registration terms and conditions; there is a basic insurance coverage that is included in your sport fee but it is your responsibility to ensure that you are adequately covered – the insurance policy can be found on the ADG website – www.austdeafgames.org.au


Deaf Sports Australia started using a new hearing loss eligibility level at the 2012 ADG. After feedback from participants and members, this eligibility level remains and has been used at the 2016 and 2018 ADG’s.

The hearing loss level is 40dB (decibel) or greater in the better ear, which is the same as having a moderate, severe or profound hearing loss.

All sport participants must declare that they have a hearing loss of 40dB or greater in their better ear when they register for a sports event and agree to the terms and conditions. If you have any concerns about this rule, please contact the GOC.

You are welcome to send Deaf Sports Australia an audiogram to prove that you have a hearing loss of 40bB or more. This information will be confidential and not shared with anyone unless required for sport participation assessment.

The International Sports Committee of the Deaf have a rule that any sports participants at Deaflympics and World Championships must have at least 55dB or greater in their better ear.

Each Sport Convenor will inform you of the rules about the use of hearing aids during a sport event. Please contact the State Team Manager or Sports Convenor for more information or check the Australian Deaf Games website.

Yes – you can you but you will need to inform your State / Territory and also check the sport program. Team Manager to check that there is no clash between the sports you wish to participate in.

You need to contact your State Territory Deaf Sport Organisation. See the link for the contact list. https://austdeafgames.org.au/state-territory-team-representation/


See the link on the Games website – www.austdeafgames.org.au/sports-locations – the sports are located throughout the Cities of Lake Macquarie and Newcastle


No – it is the responsibility of the individual or the team manager or the State manager to organize the accommodation. The Games website provides links to the two cities tourism sites – www.austdeafgames.org.au. The GOC does however recommend the following venues – Quest Apartments – King Street Newcastle, Novotel – Newcastle and Mercure – Charlestown, Club Macquarie and Adamstown Elizabeth Motor Inn.


There will be a Games Community bus that will move from venue to venue at regular times. Please check the Games website http://www.austdeafgames.org.au for more details later this year.


The Games Hub is at the NEX Entertainment Centre, King Street, Newcastle – please see http://www.austdeafgames.org.au for more information


The NEX Entertainment Centre, King Street, Newcastle on the 16th April 2022
At the Lake Macquarie Speers Point Multi Arts Pavilon( it is being remodelled during 2021)

Yes – an extensive program will be finalised by the end of 2021 – please see the Games website – www.austdeafgames.org.au