What is a Games Hub?


The Games Hub, includes a comprehensive Cultural/Social Program, a Deaf Community Expo, a social/recreation “hangout” and the usual Games Hub administrative facilities and services.

A range of Games Events will be hosted at the Games Hub including:

  • Deaf Community Expo – various exhibitors including equipment suppliers, service providers, community organisations, arts & crafts, cultural exhibits etc
  • Informal Indoor & Outdoor Socialising areas – opportunities for participants to relax and chat in various indoor and outdoor courtyard settings, including recreational facilities such as table tennis, cards, board games, carpet bowls etc.

Various Games Administration Services will be provided at the Hub such as:

  • Games Office
  • Registration & Accreditation Desk
  • Information Desk
  • Sports Results Desk
  • Transport Desk
  • Media Desk
  • Operations & Communications Desk
  • First Aid
  • Merchandise Sales
  • Storage
  • GOC Room
  • Media Room
  • DSA Board Room
  • Interpreters/Volunteers Room
  • NDSO/Sports Convenors’ Room

Social Event

Belmont 16′ Sailing Club
The Parade
Belmont NSW 2280

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Subject to change.